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  • What is the best way to store the treats?
    Treats will last the longest kept sealed in a cool dry place or the freezer. We do not reccommend storing in the fridge as this can increase moisture and cause treats to spoil faster.
  • Are Gnarly Dog treats available in stores?
    Yes! We are currently stocked in store at the following locations: - Global Pet Foods Burnaby (4293 Hastings St, Burnaby, B.C) - Global Pet Foods Highgate (7155 Kingsway, Unit #134, Burnaby, B.C.) - In The Raw (150 Second St E, North Vancouver, B.C) - Pupper Palace (4255 Fraser St, Vancouver, B.C.) - Le Monstre (8368 Capstan Way, Unit 1308, Richmond, B.C.) - Global Pet Foods Langley (6183 200 St, Langley, B.C.)
  • What is Gnarly Dogs return policy?
    We would be happy to exchange any sealed and unopened bags of treats for a refund or credit towards another product. Unfortunately we cannot accept returns or exchanges on any opened bags of treats. We are also unable to accept returns or exchanges on our biothane leashes and collars due to their custom nature. Please ensure you have read the description of these items and have measured your pets neck accurately.
  • Are Gnarly Dog products sourced locally?
    We do our best to buy and source raw ingredients as close to home as possible. All of our products are sourced within B.C. with the exception of our more novel proteins.
  • What are the dates on the back of the bags?
    These are production dates so we can keep track of batches should we ever need to know which batch a particular bag of treats was from.
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